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George Michael Dissed By Friend Liam Gallagher


George Michael is on his way to perform a concert, but recently a good friend, Liam Gallagher, attended one of his concerts and left only 23 minutes into the show. Gallagher was said to have left the show because he wanted to drink at a local bar instead. Michael didn’t seem too upset about it all that much as he took to his Twitter to say “Please don’t hold it against Liam that he popped off to the bar at Saturday’s show,” and “He’s a lovely guy and has always been really friendly to me and very complimentary about my music.” Make sure to read about Sexy Kourtney Kardashian Looks For New DASH Location.

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Singer George Michael Cancels Australian Tour Due To Sickness


George Michael has officially cancelled his Australia tour due to suffering severe anxiety because of the pneumonia he got last November. Michael has been back in his home in London, England after his announcement of the cancellation. He has been seen out and about, but not really doing much. He needs to get heal and get well perform attempting to do anything else. Keep in touch with the singer via Twitter @GeorgeMichael and don’t forget to read about Rihanna Wears Army Inspired Outfit for the latest fashion information on celebrities.

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