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Jessica Alba Recommends “Hypnobirthing” Classes


The expectant mother Jessica Alba has a unique recommendation thats he suggests for all mother to be to take and that’s “Hynobirthing” classes. Hynobirthing basically consist of hypnosis during child birth.

Jessica Alba stated: “It’s different for everyone, although I do recommend the hypnobirthing classes, I highly recommend it. It just makes you chill.”

Well, what mother to be in their right mind wouldn’t want to chill while giving birth? It’s certainly something to look into. Though I bet the prices are steep.

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Jessica’s Baby Makes Public Debut


LAST August 13, 2011, proud parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren brought second daughter Haven Garner into the world. And yesterday Jessica finally introduced the newborn to the public.

Click on the video to see Haven Garner.

In a recent interview by People, Jessica quipped, “I really only expected my child to look like Honor,” referring to her three-year-old daughter. “When the two of us made such a different-looking kid it was, like, ‘OK, I guess we can do this too!’ It was a nice little surprise.”

As for the baby’s unconventional name, it stemmed from her being born in the caul, meaning, her head was inside the unbroken amniotic sac at the time she emerged. “Cash said, ‘She was born in her safe haven,’ Jessica tells of their name choice. “And so there we had it.”

The mother-and-daughters trio were also recently spotted going out for lunch with Jessica’s mother. Haven, who is now 7 weeks old, has just begun to smile, and we can soon expect to see her smiling more often for the camera, along with mom and big sister Honor.

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Pregnant Jessica Alba In Bikini Photo


It’s certain now that under any circumstance Jessica Alba looks absolutely gorgeous. Well along in her 2nd pregnancy, Jessica Alba continues to rock a skimpy bikini and looks absolutely sexy. She’s truly blessed with amazing genes. Check her out in this pregnant bikini photo.

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Jessica Alba Pregnant with Second Baby


On March 23, some pics of Jessica Alaba were taken as she entered Radium/Reel FX Creative Studio in Santa Monica, California. She didn’t seem very pregnant in the pics. Jessica Alba recently had her Twitter account hacked, but did write, “Oh my aching heartburn…” before the hacking. Aside from the Tweet, Jessica Alba recently told People magazine her second pregnancy hasn’t been as difficult as the first. Alba said, “It’s definitely not as daunting.” She added, “I definitely popped earlier than I did with Honor because the second time around your body has the memory.” But our favorite quote from Jessica Alba on her new pregnancy was, “Having the belly grow is fun and exciting.” Her next major film to be released is Spy Kids 4, and it will be coming out later in 2011.

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